Program Description

The master’s program in Molecular Medicine was initiated by the Charité in 2005. The first students entered the program in October of that year. It is a two-year, fully accredited, that accepts not more than 20 students each year and is conducted entirely in English. The program is international in that approximately half of each new class of students come from outside of Germany. So far in the program students have been admitted from over 30 countries and from all continents.



The program is structured around three different kinds of modules; Scientific Skill Modules, Core Modules and Lab modules. These modules run in the first year and a half of the program. Because the modules vary in length and content they also vary slightly in ECTS credits earned. To see the ECTS credit point distribution please click here. The master’s program in molecular medicine is full-time and extremely rigorous. Students should not expect to work a part-time job while they are in the program. However, the hard work does pay off.


Upon successful completion of all the modules students begin a six month period of supervised research for the master’s thesis. Students may select a lab at the Charité or one of its collaborating institutions. Thesis research culminates in the writing of a master’s thesis. Students earn 30 ECTS credits when they complete the thesis module and graduate with a Master’s of Science in Molecular Medicine.


After graduation many of our students go on to some of the most prestigious universities around the world for their PhD’s, while others obtain positions in industry or medically related professions. Please click here in order to find out more about our graduates.


The Master of Science in Molecular Medicine has been accredited in October 2016 and is valid for two years.

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Admissions 2017

The admissions portal is now closed and will open again in February 2018. If you applied for the program in 2017, please click here to login and verify your application status.


International Master´s Program Molecular Medicine


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