Overall, more than 60 professors, lecturers, medical doctors and researchers participate in the program for each class of students. These individuals teach lectures as part of the six consecutive modules, supervise students in laboratory, and run practical courses. Through regular evaluation by student and outside reviewers, only those instructors are included in the program who have demonstrated high quality in their teaching. Furthermore, given the large number of institutions and individuals involved, both students and faculty enjoy ample opportunities to network and develop further collaborations.


"The lectures are not given by one professor whose main job is to teach a single body of knowledge for the duration of the module. Rather, they are given by different group leaders who give some background at the beginning of the week, and then go on to talk about their own research. This way we learn about the most current research, what is really going on in science, and how many different scientists approach and solve scientific problems. If you really like the research one of the professors is talking about, you can also easily decide to do a lab rotation in their lab, or even your master’s thesis."

Hendrik Messal, Class VI

Admissions 2017

The admissions portal is now closed and will open again in February 2018. If you applied for the program in 2017, please click here to login and verify your application status.


International Master´s Program Molecular Medicine


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