Hendrik Messal, Class of 2012

Hendrik Messal, Class of 2012

"I selected this program because it combines a medical background with research. That’s why I applied, and that is really the way it is. It also prepares you well for the PhD because you learn to analyze your own research, not just hear a professor’s analysis of someone else’s work, and you are required to present your analysis of different projects in multiple, professional presentations . You don’t find this in other master’s programs and it is essential if you want to go on to the PhD.”

Hendrik Messal, Class of 2012, accepted to London Research Institute for a PhD position.

Thank you for considering the master’s program in molecular medicine. We are pleased that your interest to participate in this world-class program has brought you to our admissions page. Before you consider applying to the program, however, we strongly recommend that you read what kind of applicants we are looking for on our Who Should Apply webpage. There you can learn if your background and qualifications are suitable for our program. Once you have read the instructions in the How To Apply section of our website, you can click here to begin the application procedure.

While we are more than happy to answer any questions you may have about the program or the admissions process, we strongly encourage you to read through our entire website (including information in PDF files that can be read online or downloaded to your computer) before you contact us with your questions. We receive a great deal of email from perspective students asking questions the answers to which are clearly available on these pages. So save us time (and increase your chances of being accepted) by first reading all the information that pertains to you before you contact us.

That said, the admissions office welcomes any questions you may have that are not answered already on our website. Your questions will help us to update our webpage and thus answer questions that no doubt other perspective students will also have. If you wish to contact us please send an email to admissions-molmed(at)

Applications are subjected to an intensive selection process. Unlike other similar master’s programs in Germany, applications are not outsourced to organizations who claim they can evaluate candidates. Instead, current students, program directors, and program coordinators all participate in an extensive review of each application. Because such a wide variety of individuals review each application, the final admissions decision reflects a number of perspectives and opinions. This process ensures that every aspect of a candidate’s profile is taken into consideration, and that only students who possess all the necessary qualities to succeed are admitted. Not surprisingly, the failure rate for students in the program is only 1%.

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