"One thing that was really great about the program was the combination of theory in the morning and practical work in the afternoon. This helped me keep everything in perspective and I found it highly motivating. In the lab I also learned so much; not only a lot of new techniques, but also how to approach and tackle a scientific question, and how to go about designing an experiment to specifically answer the question. Of course I had some idea about this before I began the program, but the lab placements enabled me to really practice this at a professional level. In my thesis right now, for example, I have a great deal of flexibility over the work I’m doing, but I also have the chance to consistently check back with my supervisor to discuss next steps and possible future experiments. This combination of working independently but with support is essential for me to mature on the scientific level. In all, it also gives me the feeling that I am a researcher and not just another student."


Radwa Sharaf, graduate 2013, pursuing her PhD at Harvard soon.

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International Master´s Program Molecular Medicine


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